The Therapeutic Benefits of Essential Oils for Reducing Stress

Leaf touching waterThere are many therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Aromatherapy is so naturally suited to stress relief that it almost like it was designed for it.

The small molecules captured in essential oils have benefits for all our organ systems–the same systems which are taxed while under stress. And the oils have a natural “intelligence” to do what your body needs. They tonify and balance, so while you may think that you are putting wintergreen on your neck to relieve your sore muscles, you may also receive some relief to your hypertension.

Therapeutic Benefits of Essential Oils: Natural Physical Support for your Body

In their most pure form, essential oils are the distilled essence of a plant, and if they are pure and well-made, they can be used herbally. Because the life-blood of healing plants are captured, and because the oils are very potent, they make ideal remedies for stress.

However, finding pure essential oils can be difficult.

Most essential oils are produced for the perfume industry and because of this, are made with chemical fillers, additives and extenders. You must be sure to use only the most pure, reliable oils if you want the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Even the oils at health food stores should be carefully investigated before using them for your health.

Just because something is marked “100% pure” or “all natural” does not guarantee that these oils are safe for therapeutic use.

Ways that Aromatherapy Reduces our Physical Symptoms of Stress:

  • Essential Oils balance and tonify our organ systems.
  • They can increase blood flow to muscles and help them relax.
  • They can help regulate blood pressure and restore normalcy.
  • They can increase the oxygen flow in our blood.
  • They can remove and reduce toxins in our system.
  • They can reduce cortisol and other hormones released in acute stress situations.
  • They can counteract and reverse the wear and tear of chronic stress on our bodies.
  • They can reduce insomnia and help get a more restful sleep.

Recommended oils for Physical Stress Support:

My favorite essential oils for physical stress relief include Lavender and Valerian, both especially good for restoring the parasympathetic nervous system and promoting a good night’s sleep. I also find the blends “Valor” and “Peace & Calming” bring quietness. Sandalwood is high in sesquiterpenes which stimulate the pineal gland to release melatonin, which is a hormone which regulates sleep, and stimulates the immune system.

For sore, achy muscles, I like to use Basil or Marjoram. Both of these oils are muscle relaxants and can release the tension in your muscles. Wintergreen also brings pain relief to muscles with the hot-cold “Bengay” sensation, but wintergreen is natural and will bring the other healing benefits of the plant, which include anti-inflammation, vasodilation, and hypertension regulation.

Peppermint brings oxygen immediately to the brain and blood. This excellent essential oils brings alertness but not hyperactivity.

Cortisol is a hormone that is released during stress. If you have high cortisol levels over a long period of time, there are many detrimental effects including a weakened immune system, brittle bones, high blood pressure, weight gain and mood disorders. Essential oils balance hormones and so may help regulate cortisol. Some good oils to try include Lavender, Valerian, Frankincense and Blue Tansy.

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils are many. They are safe, natural, and balance the body, and correct the cause of imbalances and not just the symptoms. The next time you are stressed, try aromatherapy.