Where Can I Buy High Quality Essential Oils?

Young Living LogoI write a lot about using high quality essential oils to reduce stress.  I encourage people to buy quality essential oils produced for health and not for perfume.

That’s good advice but I admit, it’s confusing.

When you go to a store, how do you know what’s pure?

There are many different labels and classifications–too many.  Essential oils are not a highly regulated industry so each company is free to define their product with their own descriptions.

The following are my essential oil recommendations but I’ll be honest, there may be other good companies out there.  One of the keys to finding high quality essential oils will be your intuition.  Call up the company and ask them questions.  Smell their oils and see how they make you feel.  In the end, trust your instinct.

I can’t guarantee that instinct means your oils will be pure, but your instinct will guide you to the oils you need at that moment.  Use the oils conservatively and you should be fine.

High Quality Essential Oils

The 2 biggest essential oil companies in the US that produce oils for healing are Young Living and doTerra.  Both of these companies are quite careful about the purity of their oils and both of them are MLM’s (multi-level marketing or network marketing companies).

I use the oils from Young Living and (full disclosure) I am a Young Living distributor in Madison, WI.  I have not used the doTerra oils but I hear good things about them.

There is another company that I have heard good things about and which is not an MLM.  Original Swiss Aromatics is run by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, a well respected classical aromatherapist.  Kurt has a school on aromatherapy at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy.  I have not taken any of these courses but I understand they are good.

My background is in French style aromatherapy.  You can also find high quality essential oils in France.

Young Living Essential Oils

The high quality essential oils I know and use are from Young Living.  These oils are pure and produced for medicinal use.  I have used these oils for years and find them excellent for supporting my health.

If you are interested in getting Young Living oils, you can contact me for more information.  Since Young Living is a MLM, you will get the best prices if you buy a starter kit.  We can discuss which kit would be best for your health needs.

If you contact me, my primary goal is to find what oils or supplements would best support your health.  I am low pressure and I’m definitely not one of those network-marketing crazies you bump into (with due respect to the people who love their MLM!)

And if you want to sell essential oils as a business, I can help you there also.  Because I was a Thai Massage Practitioner I’m familiar with how to sell essential oils with your existing business.  Even if you don’t have a business now, I am an experienced business owner and can give you strategies for starting and running a business.

What you won’t get from me, however, are tips about how to bug your family and friends to buy your products.  If you want to build a downline using old-school MLM techniques (the 3 foot rule, memory jogging lists, cold calling people you knew in grade school, etc.) I’m not your gal.  I don’t use those techniques, nor do I encourage them.  I can tell how to build a legitimate business but I won’t give you pie in the sky fantasies about making $3000/month in 6 months by “just finding 6 who find 6”.

If you are interested in learning about Young Living Oils, please fill out the contact form below and I’ll contact you within 48 hours.

Learn About Buying Young Living Essential Oils

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